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The Decision

The process begins with a single decision. Once that decision is made, lives change. In most cases, for the better!  When I bought my first condo in Downtown Boston, my decision making skills

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For Sale By Owner

I cringe when I see a FOR SALE BY OWNER sign. I shake my head and think, they should really use an agent.  Last year my neighbor tried selling his home without an agent's assistance. It was a

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Thinking of Selling? Read This First

Listing your home doesn't have to be a stress fest. In fact, you can make it as painless as possible.So start at the beginning, Call a Licensed Real Estate Agent. Set a fair price according to the

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What Kind of Home Buyer Are You??

I love dealing with new buyers. Their enthusiasm is contagious! Their expectations are unreal. But I totally understand them. I can relate. I was one once.Yes, buyers can sometimes be unrealistic.

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