The Decision

Dated: February 5 2024

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The process begins with a single decision. Once that decision is made, lives change. In most cases, for the better!  When I bought my first condo in Downtown Boston, my decision making skills were put to the test. I followed my gut. I didn't have a clue what to expect. Tired of renting, I made the decision to live in the city. I couldn't be deterred. I was going to buy in the heart of Boston, and that was that. My mind was made up. I hired the hottest agent in Boston. She informed me that I had to scale down my wants, and lower my expectations. She said I was living in a dream world. Well, so what!....that I had to have a fireplace, an upper floor and a city view. Even if it was unrealistic, that's why I chose her...she was going to perform my miracle whether she knew it or not! She showed me everything under the sun. I think I saw 20 homes that she thought fit my criteria. Large basement units with bars on the windows (NO), kitchens with roaches waving hello with their antennae (YUCK....NO), even one with a shared bathroom (DEFINITELY NO!!). The agent insisted it had charm, well yeah, if you lived in a dorm. All NO!! She said with my budget, that was all I was going to get. I didn't think so. I never lost hope!  Then I found the one!! It was on a quiet street in Boston's historic Bay Village neighborhood. Edgar Allan Poe was born a few doors down. It was old world, it was quaint, I was in love!! My new home had a fireplace, a city view, and it was on an upper floor. I couldn't believe it covered EVERYTHING on my list. It was just waiting for me! I was on Cloud Nine! The only drawback was the size, it was only 411 sq. feet. Well, so what! I knew it was the one, the minute I walked through the door. I was single, and size really wasn't an issue. With an eat in kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath, it was all I needed. I was sold! I made an offer of $ was accepted. I had arrived. I was going to live my dream. I slowly began getting all my ducks in a row. I got a mortgage, got the inspection done, and scheduled movers. Settlement was scheduled a week before Christmas. What a great gift! The snow covered streets just added to the charm of the season. The 19th Century neighborhood was fully decorated for the holidays. It was like something out of Dickens. I finished moving on a late Sunday afternoon, it began snowing again. I could hear the singing of Christmas carols in the distance, and was amazed to see carolers going door to door, dressed in clothes of the period. The whole street was ramping up for the holidays.  From my living room window I saw neighbors bringing packages and wrapped gifts into their row homes, sounds of excited children running down the street, and the early glow of the gas lit street lamps that lined the street. It was as if time stood still. I was in awe. That moment confirmed that I had made the right decision!! This was the best holiday I ever had---bar none. I don't know if I was just happy, or if Christmas took on a new and different meaning. Maybe both. From that moment on, I knew life was going to be better.  The next 6 years were awesome. I went back to school, and started working nights. I travelled overseas several times. I even found the time to get my real estate license. I was doing things I didn't realize were possible. I had a new found energy, and zest for life that I had never experienced before. I was doing a complete about face and I was accomplishing things. For the first time in my life I became comfortable in my own skin. I WAS capable!  6 years later, another decision was made. I decided to move....again. Away from the city, but this time by the beach, in Cape Cod. Not only did I need to find a great listing agent in Boston, but I needed an agent on Cape Cod, as well. The agent I found in Boston was tough, but highly in demand, he gave me a list of things he wanted done before he listed it. STRESS!! After I finished the agent's demands, it was listed and the condo sold in 3 days! Not only that, but I got $250K for it. I was dumbstruck. Let's see, from $88,000 to $250,000....mmm, not too hard to take! The buyers wanted to close in 7 days!! SUPER STRESS!! I managed to pack up the whole house and move in just 6. WHEW!! The deal in Cape Cod was a bit easier. Kinda sorta. ! I knew what I wanted, and friends helped me find it. The only small glitch was negotiating and re-negotiating with the difficult seller whom they knew. But it got done. This time I had a view of the bay, a pellet stove in the living room, and total peace and quiet. Sleeping to the sound of the crashing of the waves on the shore was an added bonus. The pellet stove kept me warm and cozy that winter. I loved it. So many great memories!  So, after you make your decision, life is never the same. Both of my decisions worked out, better than anticipated. That's what I love about real estate. Decisions seem to always work out. Once you make that decision, we make the dream a reality. What a great position to be in! I love this job. I'm me! (717) 698-0329.

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