What Kind of Home Buyer Are You??

Dated: February 5 2024

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I love dealing with new buyers. Their enthusiasm is contagious! Their expectations are unreal. But I totally understand them. I can relate. I was one once.

Yes, buyers can sometimes be unrealistic. Some just need to be reeled in. If they find the perfect house, but the furnishings aren't quite their style. It can be hard convincing them otherwise. This is where patience comes into play. Paint colors can be changed, wallpaper can be peeled, and appliances can be replaced. Nothing is really permanent. I like to point out that they need to picture a house as an artist's canvas. Some just need vision to see what a home offers. Some older style homes have excellent bones, they just may need updates, but if you find your dream home, you have to see beyond the updates and cosmetic repairs.
The older homes are the diamonds in the rough. I have to remind people that older homes last.  I was showing homes to a young couple a few years back. They wanted a tear down. Well, not so much a tear down, but something they could design themselves and put their mark on it. An empty pallet. They were my best clients. Not only were they not picky, but they referred me to another couple, who basically wanted the same thing. Those buyers are the easy ones. Some aren't so easy. I had a client that wanted to make an offer on a foreclosed property. The price was $169,000. The client offered $69,000. I had to explain that making a lowball offer can sometimes insult a seller. In this case, it was a bank. You can't insult a bank. They get mad. Then they don't want to deal with you anymore.  
Then you meet clients who are difficult to satisfy. Those types of buyers are the challenges I look forward to! You may show this type of buyer everything under the sun, but nothing interests them. Then you show them one that really blows their socks off and they're sold. This is what makes the job so much fun! You really get to see every kind of house out there. It's kind of like playing the slots. Will this be the one, or maybe the next the one. You can never tell. Fun!  When I started in the biz, I had a buyer that knew it was "the one" just walking up to the front door. That still surprises me to this day. I guess it's an intuition some buyers have. Those buyers both excite and scare me at the same time.  I love the excitement! But, I always wonder if they'll have buyer's remorse, will they wake up the next day....excitement gone? I was lucky that didn't happen. So, tell me, what kind of buyer are you?? Why don't you call me and tell me what you're looking for.....I'm Rob, let's go shopping.
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What Kind of Home Buyer Are You??

I love dealing with new buyers. Their enthusiasm is contagious! Their expectations are unreal. But I totally understand them. I can relate. I was one once.Yes, buyers can sometimes be unrealistic.

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